Faye’s story – how I lost weight

My happy, healthy weight that I felt suited my body has always been around 79kg.  It is what I have weighed since my 20s, and whenever I’ve been my healthiest, this is what I weigh. 

I’ve had two big life events that really affected my weight – I had to do IVF three times in my early 30s and piled on weight due to the stress. After my miracle baby, I spent two years getting healthy again, and getting super fit.  And then I had to have a total hysterectomy aged only 35, and overnight had the fully whammy of menopause as both my ovaries and womb were removed. 

Within about 6 weeks, I had piled weight on even though I was eating exactly the sameI invested a lot of time in improving my own body image (which I’d always struggled with). I got involved with a project called “Body Image Movement” and started to love my body instead of hating all the changes.  

It took me about 18 – 24 months to get my HRT right, and eventually I went to a specialist menopause clinic. After attending this clinic every month, the lovely lady doctor informed me I was putting weight on too fast and was eating too much. I was on about 1800 calories a day, but she said I should be eating about 1200!  I left devastated and was quite depressed for about a month – I had no idea how to get my head round eating so little. 

From that time onwards up to May this year I was in a tizz. I did eventually manage to get down to 1200 calories (mentally more than anything), mainly by eating vegetarian.  I’d lose a few pounds and put it back on. It was so frustrating, and I didn’t know what to do. 

When we had lockdown, my husband kindly said I could invest in a nutritionist and that’s when I met Amanda Ryder and Metabolic Balance. 

Wow.  I haven’t looked back and now feel empowered and in control of my body again. I feel healthy and lean. My husband even calls me slinky! 

I haven’t really changed the type of food I eat, as I did eat really healthily, but now I eat more protein and lots of olive oil. I can also eat cheese on this diet. All things I loved, but denied myself of, in order to hit this silly 1200 calories target.   

The first two weeks on the Metabolic Balance were a bit harder, as my body adjusted but once I was into week 3, I found I could stick to it and didn’t feel hungry in between meals. 

now eat healthy, nutritious meals, and don’t feel I’m depriving myself, and it doesn’t feel like a restrictive diet – in fact it feels like I’m eating a lot of food.  

I’m happy to say that I am now in touch with my body and understand how the different foods and timings impact my body.  

I remember when I was younger, I’d always want to lose weight – now I feel like following this plan and getting the advice I needed, was the best gift I could have given myself – it feels fantastic to get back to my healthy, happy weight of 79 kilos. 

I am so proud of myself and will be looking after this vehicle for the rest of my life, now I’ve been taught how to do just that.  



Amanda’s comments 

Faye did brilliantly, and I’m so excited for her.  She didn’t give up hope or believe that she was stuck with the additional weight, instead, she exerted her will over the situation and threw herself into the Metabolic Balance programme.  Especially impressive during lockdown.  Well done Faye! 

Faye’s started the programme in May when she weighed 91.5 kilos with a body fat percentage of 44%. 

At our last follow up appointment in September, she was down to an impressive 79 kilos and her body fat percentage had reduced to 36%. 

 If you’d like help with weight loss, then do get in touch or click here to find out more about Metabolic Balance.