With such bewildering amount of information available it can be hard to see the wood for the trees, especially if you are trying to balance what may appear to be quite conflicting nutritional advice. I first found Amanda seven years ago when I began to realise that my menopause symptoms could be affected by what I ate and drank. I knew there was more I needed to discover rather than simply looking to managing my symptoms with HRT. Since then she has helped me manage a diverse range of health related nutritional demands and to re-balance my body for the better, and I have used her services as top up from time to time over the years and for more intensive consultations when something new has cropped up, most recently and erroneously high cholesterol that we had to get to the bottom of! Seeing Amanda has changed how I make food choices for myself and my family. I have also reccommended my sport-mad teenage son and busy husband too, each with their own individual questions and nutritional dilemmas. Amanda’s knowledge goes beyond simply food, how the body can be best nourished depends so much on how your body works and her detailed and patient approach has helped to sign post me to other professionals for further detailed testing, resulting in better care more quickly. I would recommend Amanda Ryder to anyone wanting to refresh their thinking on nutrition and general wellbeing.