Mango Smoothie

The simplicity of throwing lots of healthy ingredients into a blender and creating something that is bursting with goodness and taste has always appealed to me. This one is perfect for a summer breakfast or snack, I also like to enjoy it post exercise or on the go.

This smoothie is high in vitamins A, E, Folate and B6, plus lots of other vitamins and minerals, it also contains good fats and the curcumin (active ingredient of the turmeric) has many well researched health benefits and is a powerful anti-inflammatory and strong antioxidant. Also the tahini is a rich source of calcium, so eating more of it is a good idea for most.

You can serve your smoothies in a bowl or a glass, however, lately I prefer to eat mine from a bowl with a spoon as it slows me down and gives my body more time to digest, remember digestion starts in the mouth and if you drink smoothies too quickly, your body wont be able to keep up. See what works for you.

Ingredients – 2 servings

1 mango, peeled and de-stoned

1 avocado, peeled and de-stoned

1 tsp turmeric

1 tbsp of tahini paste (sesame seed paste) or almond butter

Pinch of black pepper

Half a pint of almond, coconut, or cow’s milk

2 dessertspoon of rice or whey protein

1 cms piece of fresh ginger route, peeled


Place all the ingredients into a blender and pulse until thoroughly blended. Add more milk until you find a consistency that you like.

Tip: Place second serving in glass bottle/glass in the fridge for the next day. Or serve in a bowl as above.