Metabolic Balance®

Metabolic Balance® Natural Weight Loss Programme

I am a fully licensed Metabolic Balance® coach. I will support you throughout the duration of the programme, offering support and advice in order to help you achieve your goals.

Metabolic Balance® is a scientifically based nutritional programme, with 400,000 clients worldwide and backed up by 20 years of research by German Physicians and Nutritionists. Many people have transformed their health and achieve their optimal weight by following the programme.

It’s an uncomplicated diet that consists of 3 meals a day of healthy food. There are no meal replacements, powders or shakes; it’s all about real food and, assisting you in the transition from eating less desirable foods to eating a diet that will help you feel energised, healthier and full of life.

What Makes Metabolic Balance® Unique?

The programme is adapted to your specific biochemistry, it takes into consideration your current and desired weight, any health issues you may have, and your food likes or dislikes.

It includes a comprehensive blood test allowing Metabolic Balance® to create an eating plan tailor made to your specific nutrient requirements.

It’s an easy to follow, 4 stage plan that you will be able to follow now and for the rest of your life.

You’re monitored and supported throughout the programme in order to achieve your specific goals.

It works by adjusting your individual body chemistry in order to balance your hormone levels, because it aids in regulating the amount of insulin your body produces, thus producing fat burning, decreasing fat storage and promoting anti-ageing.

Phase 1

After receiving your personal nutrition plan (based on your blood results) you will be guided through the four phases by your Metabolic Balance® coach. Phase one is a mild two day detox.

Phase 2

Lasting for 2 week as your body adjusts to the new, healthy nutrition. Clients often see improvements in energy as well as weight loss during this phase. Hunger and withdrawal symptoms can also be experienced for a week but usually subside as your body adjusts. Exercise is not promoted during this stage instead, gentle walking and stretching is recommended.

Phase 3

Allowing additional foods, fats and oils to be introduced and a ‘treat’ meal can be introduced on a weekly basis. Clients report further improvements in energy, well being and weight loss and they notice that their cravings gradually disappear and that they have more control of the foods they choose to eat. Exercise is encouraged and reintroduced depending on the level of fitness, and the client’s goals.

Phase 4

The maintenance phase which begins once you are happy with your health and well-being. You will continue to follow the 8 basic rules of Metabolic Balance® to maintain a healthy functioning metabolism.

Who is the Programme For?


Metabolic Balance® aims to help people lose long term weight. However, it can also help symptoms associated with the following disorders and conditions:

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Type 2 Diabetes / Insulin Resistance

Inflammatory conditions such as Eczema, Asthma, Arthritis

High Cholesterol

High Blood Pressure


Menopause and related symptoms

Clients tell me they have more energy, better mood, younger looking skin, better concentration, and improved sleep to mention a few.

                                                          Latest review

With both a serious illness in the past and a general not-so-good-health caused largely by being overweight I decided to look for a programme that offered an individual approach and a diet tailored specifically to me.  The blood tests taken confirmed my medical concerns and highlighted issues that could potentially become serious in later life.
After the initial three (ok, a bit hard) days for my body to adjust, it has honestly been such an easy and sensible programme to follow. The food on my plan suits me so well and I have no cravings or desires for anything ‘naughty’.
However, it is no longer a ‘programme to follow’, but a life long way of approaching food and nutrition. After 2 months  I am pleased to have lost 8kg (and 10cm off my waist!).
Amanda is such a positive person and provides both great advice, knowledge and inspiration. She has guided me expertly through the various phases of the programme and I appreciate our meetings and her vast knowledge beyond the programme.
Mette July 2022

Book a No Obligation Consultation

To discuss whether Metabolic Balance® is suited to you. Your needs and goals will be assessed at this first appointment, your measurements and body fat composition will be taken (using a bioelectrical Body Composition Monitor) and if you decide to go ahead, arrangements will be made for you to have your blood tests.

Blood Analysis

Once your blood samples have been analysed at The Doctors Laboratory, London, the data is then used to create an individualised Nutritional Programme. This process usually takes a maximum of 4 days.

Receive Your Nutritional Programme

This will be presented to you and you will be guided through the 1st and 2nd phase of the programme.

Ongoing Support

This will be given at the next five appointments (we usually decide what works best for you in terms of timings) weight as well as physical measurements are taken and ongoing advice is given throughout. Skpye consultations are available although it is recommend that at least half of the appointments are attended at the clinic in order to monitor weight. I also encourage regular contact by email in the beginning in order to fully support you.


The cost of the programme is £860 and includes the following –

The initial consultation

Comprehensive blood tests (haematology, biochemistry profile including thyroid, cholesterol and other hormonal markers to assess your metabolism).

A tailor-made Nutritional Programme.

6 further face-to-face consultations over a 3 month period where you will be fully assessed and supported.

Email and telephone support.

Recipe and shopping guidance.