Women Like Us- Menopause Workshops

Whether you are peri-menopausal (the 10 years leading up to the menopause) or menopausal, I’m confident you will enjoy this morning.

Clare Todd and her colleagues do a fantastic job of hosting this event in her beautiful home in Weybourne – just a mile from the North Norfolk coast, we also run these workshops in Barrington.

I’ll help you understand your symptoms, and explain what you can do about them as well as how to maintain good health going forward.

We also enjoy a delicious lunch with foods that nourish us, plus you’ll get all the recipes and leave feeling inspired to cook our healthy recommendations.

So whether, you’re suffering with hot flushes, anxiety, low mood, vaginal issues, low libido, night sweats, skin issues, brain fog……..don’t suffer in silence. Instead, come and learn how evidence based nutrition and lifestyle practices can really help.

Do come and join us for a fun morning with like minded women, lovely food and helpful discussion

Learn About:

  • The most common symptoms and what you can do about them
  • What diet best suits the peri-menopause and menopause you
  • Why bone nutrients are critical and how to include them
  • Do HRT risks outweigh benefits and how diet can help them
  • Emotional Health and Exercise
  • Q&A session with Amanda
  • How to make diet and lifestyle the bedrock of health and how to ensure yo feel amazing going forward

Upcoming Workshops:

Norfolk: Wednesday 18th March, Saturday 25th April

Barrington: Wednesday 8th April, Saturday 18th April

10am-2pm including lunch / £65 per person

What our clients say:

“What a fabulous day! So much interesting and helpful information mixed in with lots of laughs and a delicious and healthy lunch. Plus a chance to try Amanda’s rebounder. Thanks so much.”   Charlene

“I attended this workshop last week and it really helped me understand the peri-menopause and what we can do to take control of our lives late 40s/early 50s when this hits us. It was informative, friendly, fun and it also felt like having some special ‘me time’ with a wonderful group of like-minded women. The length of the workshop was perfect too. The morning consisted of a great mix of information, some lovely self-soothing, mindful experiences (a short meditation, amble outside, bounce on the trampoline!) combined with really delicious and nourishing food, providing me with easy yet tasty ideas of what to cook at home. I left full of ideas and information as well as feeling inspired, more confident and empowered to embrace what lies ahead and also reassured to know that there’s a knowledgeable and professional support base from Amanda if needed. I’d definitely be interested in more workshops Amanda! Thank you for a great morning.”  Helen

“Amanda’s workshop is friendly and relaxed whilst being informative with some great advice on woman’s health. A great opportunity to improve your health and chat with woman going through the same. I have seen Amanda one and one as well and her help and advice has improved my health hugely.”  Kathryn

“Thank you so much Amanda for making this next phase in our lives so much clearer! The company, the food and all the invaluable information!” Farnaz