Fresh Start “Personal”

Fresh Start “Personal”

Fresh Start “Personal”

The only time you’re not on a diet is when you’re fasting!

We all have to eat, but what and when we eat can make all the difference.

The Fresh Start is 3 week healthy eating programme designed to help you identify any food intolerances, aid weight loss, and give the body a rest from processed food and constant grazing.

Fresh Start started off as a group programme, designed by myself and fellow nutritionist Alexis Prior, to help women lose weight, improve their nutrition and well being.  However some people require a more individual approach and we’ve been successfully coaching women individually on this programme ever since.

If you’re looking for:

Structure, flexibility expert support, insight and empowerment

then this program could work for you.

What is it not about?

  • It’s not about counting calories – calorie counting doesn’t help.
  • It’s not a crash diet – crash diets don’t sustain weight loss
  • It’s not complicated – The recipes are delicious, tried and tested by many.
  • It’s not restricted – There’s a long list of health-giving foods that are included

What will you get out of the plan?

  • A fresh approach to your eating habits
  • Weight loss (if you need to lose weight)
  • Feel more in control of your food cravings
  • Identify any food intolerances that could be making you feel below par
  • Nutritious, tasty and easy to prepare recipes that will become a staple of your long term diet
  • Personalised approach and accountability
  • Education on which foods suit you
  • Strategies for getting on top of cravings

What’s Included?

2 week meal planner and all accompanying recipes.

An easy to follow set of guidelines that you observe for 3 weeks.

3 x 30-minute phone or Skype consultations during the program to help you set your goals, track your progress and to encourage you to incorporate long term healthy habits.

A comprehensive food list for when you’re unable to make the recipes, to help you when eating out etc.

COST £149

What our clients say:

“This healthy eating plan was easy to follow, the support by the facilitators, both with the information and friendly personal contact was exemplary. Highly recommended.” Gillian

“The Fresh Start plan is brilliantly simple way to create some healthy eating habits and to kick some unhealthy ones. I lost 5 pounds on the plan and feel equipped by it to carry on lose those final 10 pounds that have been hanging around for years.  The recipes are simple to make and delicious and the support in invaluable.” Jo

“Getting through the first week was a challenge but with the support of Amanda and Alexis, I did it and over time it got much easier, I lost 6ibs over the 2 weeks, which was just great and discovered a number of tasty and easy recipes which are y go to recipes now.  Thank you.” Charlene

“Having never followed a diet plan before, I was a bit unsure about to sticking to one. I needn’t have worried; the recipes and daily meal plans were all very easy to follow and the food was delicious.  The only thing I had trouble eliminating completely was the alcohol, but I did it.  I found the whole experience quite enlightening and am now definitely eating more healthily. Thanks v much.” Alex