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We now live and work in a very different world and looking after the wellbeing of your teams has never been more important. With many working from home, or in very different environments, giving your employees easy access to the resources they need to stay mentally and physically well is key to having a happy and healthy workforce.

At Amanda Ryder Nutrition, we work with companies to design corporate wellness programmes that suit your needs. From in-person inspirational talks to Zoom seminars, online courses or individual consultations we can help you to support your teams through this challenging time.

A key element of supporting employees’ wellness is to ensure it is tailored, consistent and ongoing, so beyond talks and workshops, we can also offer health checks, ongoing online support, company health challenges, and nutrition tips and tricks via e-newsletters. A summary of our programmes is below, which can be delivered in a variety of ways (one-off talks or more in-depth courses).

Our talks include (suitable for 20 to 30 employees at a cost of £300)

Working from Home Wellness

Working from home poses a number of mental and physical challenges. How do we stay positive when we’re isolated and away from our colleagues? How do we establish a routine, stay productive, but still have some fun? How do we cope with sitting at a desk most of the day, with no water cooler to chat around? How do we avoid the tyranny of constant snacking when we are so close to the kitchen? We address these issues and provide some top tips on 5-minute exercise breaks, on healthy snacks and meals to make at home, and help you create a routine that incorporates healthy habits, fun, and productive working.

Optimise Immunity – Stay Strong for Winter.

Nutrition and lifestyle can help you stay robust and healthy in winter-time. We give you an insight into what your immune system does, and what can deplete it. We cover how to protect yourself from infections in the workplace and the wider world and how to optimise your own immunity. No diet can completely safeguard us against a prolific virus, but we will arm you with the knowledge of how to best protect yourselves from infections by optimising sleep, increasing relaxation, supporting gut health and ensuring you take in the power-packed nutrients to keep you strong and vital through the winter months.

Eating for Energy and Resilience

This is a two-part course that gets into the specifics of what to eat to improve your energy and resilience. It will include ideas of meal choices and suggestions for breakfast, lunch and dinner, dependent on the time you have available, e.g. choices if in a hurry, and choices when you have more time. We look at how to help you make the right dietary and lifestyle choices to improve your energy levels and boost your resilience.

Employees will learn how to improve digestion in order to obtain maximum nutrients from their diets; learn more about circadian rhythms and how to support them. Plus, tips on how to get a better balance in life in order to have sustainable energy and resilience.

Emotional Wellbeing

All of us have been affected by the huge changes that Covid-19 has brought, plus we continue to deal with all the usual stresses and strains of the modern world. We look at the key mental health challenges that we all face, as well as what habits or external factors might be having a detrimental effect on our mental wellbeing. We can also specifically address how to stay mentally and physically strong when working from home. There is much you can do with diet, supplements and lifestyle in order to maintain good mental health – and we look to inspire your teams with top tips and easy hacks and strategies that will support them. We can also tailor this programme to meet the needs of your whole company or specific groups like your executive team.

Eat Well, Feel Better

In this talk, we aim to give you an understanding of how balancing blood sugar and eating the right foods, which is key to reducing cravings and taking control of what and when you eat, can be the basis for long term well-being. Optimal ratios of carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats can affect your weight and energy. This is a great “foundation” talk to give teams as a basis to build upon.

Power Up: Sleep Well to Live Well

Sleep is one of the many aspects of life that may have become disrupted in recent times. The sleep process is key for health and maintaining a healthy weight. Restorative sleep maintains mental ability and minimises disease risk. We highlight what could be disrupting our sleep and how to optimise deep, restorative sleep through diet and lifestyle.

Well Being Workshops with a Registered Nutritionist, a Personal Trainer and a Yoga Teacher

This is an excellent opportunity for employees to get off site, relax, move, and learn about great dietary habits that they can implement, as well as having the opportunity to make some delicious foods. Complementary TANITA analysis (a body composition analysis which measures weight, muscle mass, fat mass, visceral fat, hydration levels and body mass index) is an option to all attendees.

These well being events can be held at your workplace if there is an appropriate space or, we can organise a hotel with excellent facilities here in Cambridge.

The cost for this day for a group of 25 employees is £1,000

 Health Checks

We spend 10-15 minutes with each of your employees testing their Cholesterol, BMI, waist to hip ratio, % body fat, hydration and blood pressure. A handout will be given as appropriate, in order to support any potential imbalances.

Cost for 30 employees is £550

 Some of my clients include: Spotify, Rand Europe, BBC and Thule

To discuss how these service may benefit your company then please contact us.

“We have had Amanda run a number of nutrition sessions for our employees, each focusing on a different area, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.  Amanda presents information in an interesting and engaging way and had a positive impact on a number of employees.  We are happy to recommend her and will continue to work with her in future.”
Rand Europe