Client Feedback

What people say about Nutritional Therapy….


“With such a bewildering amount of information available it can be hard to see the wood for the trees, especially if you are trying to balance what may appear to be quite conflicting nutritional advice. I first found Amanda seven years ago when I began to realise that my menopause symptoms could be affected by what I ate and drank. I knew there was more I needed to discover rather than simply looking to managing my symptoms with HRT. Since then she has helped me manage a diverse range of health related nutritional demands and to rebalance my body for the better, and I have used her services as top up from time to time over the years and for more intensive consultations when something new has cropped up, most recently an erroneously high cholesterol that we had to get to the bottom of! Seeing Amanda has changed how I make food choices for myself and my family. I have also recommended my sport-mad teenage son and busy husband too, each with their own individual questions and nutritional dilemmas. Amanda’s knowledge goes beyond simply food, how the body can be best nourished depends so much on how your body works and her detailed patient approach has helped to sign post me to other professionals for further detailed testing, resulting in better care more quickly. I would recommend Amanda Ryder to anyone wanting to refresh on nutrition and general wellbeing.”
Alison, 2018

“I wanted to lose weight but I was scared of ending up with one of the tens of regimes I had tried before throughout my youth. While I was developing a new identity around my not being necessarily thin but healthy, a friend of mine recommended Amanda as someone out of the box and incredibly effective for targeting nutritional therapy around individual needs and specifications. My friend was right: Amanda helped me lose weight but she also gave me a lifelong tool in order to easily relate with food and avoid any sort of dependency. As a nutritional consultant, she was professional but also extremely attentive, which is what makes Amanda very special to me.”
Fedirica, 2018

“I came to Amanda with lower abdomen pain which my GP had failed to diagnose. After a review of my typical meals and the likely aggravators of the inflammation Amanda recommended a broad spectrum stool analysis. Reviewing the results armed me with sufficient information to return to my GP to request colonoscopy. Thankfully that was clear and allowed me to concentrate on a better balanced diet and reducing intolerant foods.”
Richard, 2018

“I came to Amanda seeking ways of increasing my calcium levels through food. I have osteoporosis and was not able to tolerate the calcium supplements from my GP. She has been hugely helpful in this and my calcium intake is much nearer where it should be; she has also made many other suggestions to enable me to improve my bone strength. In addition, I have had IBS for some years, and Amanda has given me the confidence to introduce more and different foods into my diet, which have made me feel a lot better and really helped minimize my symptoms.

I am grateful for her knowledge, enthusiasm and suggestions (and recipes)!”
Jean, 2018

Corporate Reviews

“We have had Amanda run a number of nutrition sessions for our employees, each focusing on a different area, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Amanda presents information in an interesting and engaging way and had a positive impact on a number of employees. We are happy to recommend her and will continue to work with her in the future.”
HR Director, Rand Europe, 2018

Metabolic Balance Reviews

“I had my first appointment with Amanda Ryder in Cambridge, the location was easy to find with plenty of parking.
I discussed my lifestyle and eating habits with Amanda during the consultation, we covered what I ate and when, any physical activity and my general health and wellbeing. After discussing my options I decided to embark on the ‘Metabolic Balance plan’.
This involved having some blood tests taken and then analysed to determine which foods would best suit my body. Stage one started, weighing out various food and adopting a new regime of eating times and trying some new foods which previously I would decline.
I have been on the plan for 4 months and during this time my body fat has reduced and my weight has reduced from 91kg to 74kg.
The whole experience has been very informative and has helped me realise what foods the body needs and when it needs them. It has been life style changing for me and it is something that will be part of my life moving forward. I would have no reservation in recommending the plan.”
Paul, 2018

When I first met Amanda I was a 141 kg (22 stone) individual who was unsure of himself.  At  this  point I had tried going to the gym, yoga and every fitness regime known to me. After our first session Amanda helped me understand what is the cause of my continual weight gain and suggested I try “the metabolic balance” diet plan. At first I was very skeptical about the effectiveness of the plan but when the food plan arrived and the kilos started dropping my confidence in the plan stren gthened. Now after losing 50 kilograms(8 stones) in 6 months I am proud and happy to say I am a changed man. Throughout this whole process Amanda has been my rock, with regular check-ups and providing food recipes; fitness tips; various nutritional information. She has been an invaluable diet coach and I am very fortunate to have met her. I am confident she will help many more like me in the years to come.”
Navin, 2015

“Starting the Metabolic Balance diet has been one of the best decisions I have made. It has definitely been a lifestyle change for the better. Following the diet has not only help me lose and manage my weight but has also helped me manage my migrane headaches. Amanda is a great motivator and helped me focus on my goals all through the process. I really appreciated her depth of knowledge in her field and felt I was in good hands through the entire process. I have never felt as healthy as I do now. Thanks Amanda and MB!”
Revathi, 2015

“I started Metabolic Balance because I wanted to lose weight, I was skeptical initially as I don’t have a lot of time or motivation to cook complicated or fussy meals, however, it was an easy to follow programme with simple foods and structured rules that soon became habit. Not only did I lose weight but I was pleasantly surprised when my blood pressure came down significantly. I feel I have more energy now and whilst I no longer follow the plan rigidly, I do stick to the principles and my weight has stabilised. Thanks AManda for your guidance and support.”
Ian, 2016