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Amanda Ryder is a Registered Nutritional Therapist who practices in Cambridge and now further afield thanks to online consultations.  Amanda works with corporate clients, inspiring employees to live a healthy life as well as helping individuals who have specific health goals.   

More recently Amanda has come to specialise in helping women navigate the menopause.  She works alongside Dr Cathryn Woodward and Amanda Ody (acupuncturist).

Amanda holds a BSc in nutritional therapy and has been helping women achieve their health goals over the past 9 years. Amanda believes in a straightforward, evidence based, personalised approach that really helps people move forward. 

Amanda is a keen cyclist, wild water swimmer and experimental cook.

Navigating the Menopause
I offer a personalised approach to coach you through the menopause so that you can embrace your future with positivity and well being.

Weight Loss
For people wishing to lose weight, I coach the Metabolic Balance® Programme. In my years of practicing, I have found this to be an effective plan to lose weight and to keep it off long term. Click here to find out more about the programme.

Thyroid Health  Thyroid issues and hormonal imbalances often go hand in hand. If you’ve been diagnosed with a thyroid issue I can help you understand how diet and lifestyle can make a big difference.

To discuss any of the above, please contact me to find out more.

I think it is important that when choosing a complimentary therapist you understand the principles which underpin the practice:

  • I use a science evidence based approach to Nutritional Therapy.
  • Each client is viewed as being biochemically unique with his/her own individual needs.
  • The body functions as a network of interconnected systems, rather than organs working in isolation.
  • Being healthy equals feeling energised and well, not just the absence of a disease.
  • That by looking after ourselves in the here and now, we can reduce the risk of poor health in the future.
  • The Nutritional Therapy advice I give is aimed towards helping the person, rather than simply targeting a disease or deficiency.