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Do you need help understanding what is going on with your hormones and why you feel so different?

Perimenopause can really creep up on us with a myriad of what might seem like unrelated symptoms, everything from weight gain, low mood, anxiety, fatigue and insomnia, to name a few!  The Menopause is a real game changer and now more than ever a new approach to diet and lifestyle is essential.  Whether you’re in your early 40s or well into your 60s, I am confident I can help you feel better in the here and now, as well as, giving you evidence based advice that will support your future health.

Getting help

I’m a registered nutritional therapist who specialises in helping women over 40. When I’m not seeing clients, I give talks and run workshops, helping to inspire and educate women to really take care of themselves. Do get in touch if you’d like me to work with your group or organisation.

I also work alongside Dr Cathryn Woodward (hormone specialist) and Amanda Ody (acupuncturist) and between the three of us we have the knowledge and expertise to help YOU get back on track and feeling yourself again.

Let’s get you started

Book a free discovery call and I can advise how we might help.

Help your employees stay well at work


We now live and work in a very different world and looking after the wellbeing of your teams has never been more important. With many working from home, or in very different environments, giving your employees easy access to the resources they need to stay mentally and physically well is key to having a happy and healthy workforce.

I work with companies to design corporate wellness programmes that suit your needs. From in-person inspirational talks to Zoom seminars, online courses or individual consultations we can help you to support your teams through this challenging time.

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What our clients say

We have had Amanda run a number of nutrition sessions for our employees, each focusing on a different area, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Amanda presents information in an interesting and engaging way and had a positive impact on a number of employees.  We are happy to recommend her and will continue to work with her in future.”
Rand Europe


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Amanda Ryder BSc

Nutrition for women over 40

Midlife can be a fantastic opportunity to reflect and move forward with more clarity and headspace, however it can also bring along challenges that we need to address and adapt to, and that’s where you might need some help.  

If you want to get back on track, need a coach to motivate and guide you on how to upgrade your dietary and lifestyle habits, then you’ve come to the right place. Why not try my menopause foundation programme which includes what to eat, when to eat, along with recipes and my tried and tested supplement recommendations for women like you.

When we’re not in lockdown I also love to get women together in our midlife workshops, as well as helping people to stay well at work with one of our corporate packages.

I’ve worked with corporate clients for many years, and I work with companies of all sizes from local to national and international brands such as Spotify, Rand Europe, BBC and Thales.

A member of The British Association for Nutrition – Lifestyle Medicine (BANT) – Nutritional Therapy Council Registered Practitioner & Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).

Inspiring Recipes

Some of my favourite recipes to compliment my Nutritional Therapy.


Including three 60 minute face-to-face consultations along with email support. All specifically tailored to you to achieve your goals.

1st Appointment

This will involve an assessment of your current health issues, diet, nutrient status and lifestyle. Tests may also be recommended at this stage in order to help identify the root cause of your health concerns.

2nd Appointment

Diet and lifestyle changes will be recommended, you will be then be presented with information in order to help you make the appropriate changes to your diet and lifestyle.  You may also be given recipes and handouts to support these changes.

3rd Appointment

This appointment gives you an opportunity to discuss how you’re adapting to your dietary changes, to continue your education and to monitor your progress.